"I'm not sure there is anyone else like Ivan. He understands the industry from both the manufacturer/tenant perspective and the retailer/shopper point of view. But it's more than that: He understands people, he genuinely likes people, and he knows how to make them all feel special and important and cared for."

Charles Lehman
McNeill Lehman Inc.

"We consider the knowledge, business acumen, and personal relationships that Mr. Garry has developed indispensable in maintaining the reputation and future success of an exhibition. We recognize Ivan Garry for his outstanding ability to understand the needs of buyers and users of display space and for his uncompromising integrity and high ethical standards. He is a rare and unique individual whose management, personal contacts, and knowledge of the home furnishings industry is the cornerstone of operations at the High Point Market."

Richard Glabman
Deere Park Associates

"Besides an in-depth knowledge of the facility's infrastructure and accompanying services needed to have a successful market, Mr. Garry has built a strong personal relationship with an unusually broad base of retailer managers and buyers, which has been a big plus in attracting potential customers."

David C. Ogren
Former Vice President
LADD Furniture, Inc.


"Few people understand the ramifications of "The Market." It is not a place or situation where smart people from the outside can come in and quickly get on a first-name basis with the players. That takes years. There is no question that Ivan Garry and his knowledgeable staff have made this possible for many, many people."

Charles Simmons
Manufacturer's Representative, Showroom Owner

"Ivan is the personification of an involved business leader, whose ease at creating and sustaining trusted relationships contributes to his enviable success. Don't take my word for it. Ask tenants and industry leaders, who consider Ivan a friend and advisor."

Ivan Saul Cutler
Furniture Industry Consultant


"There is no finer real estate expert when it comes to the High Point Market. Ivan must be commended for his role as ambassador for the entire High Point Market. His efforts to entertain and spend time with tenants, dealers, and sales representatives are unique in the industry. Ivan enjoys a wonderful reputation for managing a top-notch facility and making the experience a pleasure."

Dan Pastern
Manufacturer's Representative

"The service, courtesy, and professionalism displayed by Ivan Garry and his staff is unparalleled in the industry. Their services and dependability have enabled us to focus on more important matters in the day-to-day operations of our company, and less with worrisome details regarding the showroom."

William Guy Ray
Senior Vice President
Natuzzi S.p.A.


"Ivan knows his customers and their customers. He listens to their needs, and addresses each issue that comes up in a responsible way, so that all parties are taken car of, or understand the decision. Mr. Garry is one of a kind."

James Riddle
Executive Director
Life Style Enterprises

"Ivan and his staff have seen to it that our myriad needs as a tenant are carefully and rapidly attended to, and that the logistics of setting up for each market and pre-market are tended to as smoothly and comfortable as possible. In all these areas and more, they have been absolutely exceptional."

Richard Broadleib
Industry Consultant


"Ivan Garry has always conducted his personal and professional life in a manner which conveys the highest level of honesty, integrity, and moral fortitude. He has proven himself to be an asset far beyond compensation. He knows the industry, and knows its people."

Virgil Henry
Vice President - Upholstery
Largo Furniture

"As tenants, we require the professionalism and reliability that Ivan Garry provides in assuring us that our High Point presence is upheld and promoted."

I. Mac Bowes
Futura Leather


What's next?

Just a phone call. Ivan Garry and his proven staff are here to make the Market Deliver for your products, your customers -- your bottom line. Put High Point Market Services to work for your business right now.


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